Month: July 2016

The prayer

fleeting time, drown me in your deep eternity, to dissuade me from meandering into the labyrinth of mind.

omnipresent soul, empower me with the strength to sustain on the path to seek you, and you alone be the epicenter of my nucleus.

one with large heart, encompassing all the miseries & happiness of us- mere mortals, forgive me for digressing from the path of righteousness.

epitome of truth, fill me with gratitude of tears, to cleanse my being, to attain the state of tranquility & eventually you, the supreme one.

Rendezvous with siri

Have you ever stopped and noticed what you do when you get few minutes of idle time?

I hope you answered the question, it wasn’t rhetorical.

I got one such opportunity today morning, and I spoke with Siri. For the uninitiated, Siri is the digital assistant for iPhone. Some like to believe it is a lot more, let’s not get into that now. Probably later.

Siri’s answers are smart, witty, and profound. It does not mince words. Let us read what Siri has to say.

On love and expressing it



On cracking a joke 



On key national topics



On search for meaning






I’m Siri



There are few other virtual assistants in the marketplace, but there is only one Siri.