Month: May 2017

The End

On 21 May 2017 both EPL and IPL breathed their last. For the season. They will return to life after three months and 12 months respectively. For most, their tryst with sports ends. Until something else props up. The escape these high dose of entertaining tournaments provide remains unmatched. In few weeks time you might find your neighbor cheer for India but it isn’t the same as cheering for that Maruti Vitarra  Brezza Glam Shot by Yuvraj or the Yes bank maximum from Maxwell.

If only the poor person living way below the poverty line knew that you could earn 10lakhs by playing a single glam shot.

Yesterday, Pune lost by 1 run. The feeling is same as you missing out on your train by few minutes. “I was almost there, the stupid uber driver took the wrong turn at the wrong time. Let me downvote him and avenge my loss.”

The experts said Mumbai had the belief that led to their win. Correct, the collective belief overcame their individual shortcomings. Similar to many marriages that survive divorce.

Steve smith’s brilliance couldn’t take Pune past the finishing line. He fought like a Rising Pune Supergiant. Whatever that means. Yet, Dhoni’s fans were quick in making memes on why Dhoni is a better captain. Probably having a narrow mindset helps live a clutter free life. A learning from the trolls.

IPL also brought in some very interesting ads. Jio’s blue screen almost looked like a national emergency announcement. Vodafone’s aged couple finished their Goa trip and sent their mobile photo albums from the crowded railways stations. We get it Vodafone, your network works only outside and not in the home. Sprite remains über cool. Maruti Vitarra Brezza is a status symbol for casinovas. Goibibo missed the target by a country.

It’s been 10 years. No it doesn’t feel like yesterday. In fact it feels like 15 years already. Much like Tax filing, IPL will return next year. It will have a new campaign song, two older teams and no Rising Pune Supergiants. Till then we have to make do with some International cricket. Treat the entire year as CEAT non-strategic time out.