Hi there! Thank you for clicking on the About page to know me.

This is how I look! 🙂


Work in a tech startup called Chargebee. I do Pre-Sales for clients from the APAC region. I get to toggle between teaching recurring billing and fitting the clients’ billing workflows in Chargebee. I love what I do for a living. Chargebee is the third company of my career. I worked earlier with Deloitte (4.5 years) and then BNY Mellon – Pershing (1.8 years). This is my first SaaS and Startup experience and so far it has been awesome!


Love products that makers from across the world create with love. I am a early adopter for the new products that I discover using ProductHunt, Twitter and Internet. Currently love and use @Superhuman, @Loom, @Notion, @Zoom, @Blurt, @BearNotes and @write.as.

I love iPhone. No grudge against Android phones. Have used them and loved them too. But iPhone works better for me. Love the great design, camera, security and apps ecosystem of Apple. Am not a fanboy though. Some of their policies are stupid and I do suffer. Things we do for love! Currently use a iPhone 8 Plus.


I have been married to Preeti for more than 3.5 years now. Here’s a photo of us from a recent trip. She makes me a better person every day. Don’t tell her that I told you this! I met her through the conventional arrange marriage set up and boy did I get lucky!

Shot on iPhone 8 Plus!


I love stories and that love trickles down to my love for movies, TV, Podcasts, reading and writing. I also call myself a professional moviegoer. Every weekend I head to the multiplex far away from me to watch a movie. I believe no distance is far to cover when it comes to movies.

I love public speaking.

(Okay you must be wondering how many times will I use the word love. Well, I believe love is the currency on which the world runs. And in today’s world we need love more than anything.)

Was a Toastmaster for more than 4 years and learnt from the experience of going on stage on hundreds of occasions. I am good at impromptu speaking as compared to prepared speeches. Give me a topic and I will surprise you.

For me speaking has to be the glue that keeps all the venn diagrams of my life balanced.

I am not actively doing anything right now other than speaking with clients for work.

I have done 3 spoken word poem performances and would love to explore it further. Here is a performance I recorded and put on YouTube. I also do some very amateurish haiku poetry through this app called @Haikujam.


This blog is called Second Stanza. For no special reason. I have a friend who loves singing and we made him sing a lot in our meet-ups. He always loved starting songs from the second stanza and it caught on. There is no meaning to the name of the blog or any special significance.

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I love meeting new people and listening to their stories. If you feel we share common interests and should collaborate, talk or just say Hi, do not hesitate to reach out to me through all these channels:

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